Exit-Intent Popups: 40 Hacks To Boost Conversion in 2023

Do you want to increase conversions on your website dramatically? Exit-intent popups are the not-so-secret weapon that will get you there.

This article will show you 40 exit-intent popup hacks, with examples and real-life case studies, that can substantially grow your subscribers and revenue.

Let’s get started.

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How Do Exit-Intent Popups Work?

Exit-intent® technology lets you make one last effort to convert visitors as they’re about to leave your site.

And more often than not, when visitors see a popup while leaving the site, they respond to the offer.

Optinmonster exit intent campaign trigger

When popups first appeared, many felt they were annoying. They were overused, and the same ‘special offer’ appeared to every visitor!

But tools like OptinMonster changed that.

With powerful targeting features, websites can now show offers that customers would be interested in.

And exit-intent is a powerful trigger that has proven to work well in recovering abandoning users.

Using exit-intent targeting, Fastrack recovered 53% of abandoning visitors and increased sales.

You can also look at Medstar Media, which saw their conversion rates increase by 500% when they started showing visitors light box popups when leaving a site.

The bottom line is that if you’re not using exit-intent popups, you’re leaving a lot of money on the table.

Are Exit-Intent Popups Effective?

Yes, exit-intent popups work.

Statistics show exit messages have higher conversion rates than other kinds of popups. Exit popups typically convert an additional 2 to 4% of your website visitors.

But what you’re wondering likely isn’t whether exit campaigns work, but how they work.

There are so many benefits to using exit-intent popups on your website. Here are just a few ways these campaigns will help your business:

  • Grow Your Email List : Attract new subscribers with fast results.
  • Distribute Lead Magnets : Entice new visitors with valuable content, coupons, freebies, and more.
  • Reduce Site Abandonment : Keep visitors engaged with your site long before they leave forever.
  • Reduce Cart Abandonment : Provide incentives to buy at a critical moment in the customer journey.
  • Boost SEO : Increase the time people engage with your site, redirect users to popular posts, and more to help your SEO.

And so much more. Exit-intent popups helped increase Ryan Robison’s email subscribers by 500% .

They also helped Crossrope EXPLODE its list by over 900% .

Ok, so this is all well and good. But is this an effective strategy for your entire audience? What about users coming from mobile?

Let’s address that question right now.

Do Exit-Intent Popups Work on Mobile?

Yes, exit popups work on mobile.

You have two options for showing exit messages on mobile. You can trigger a mobile exit-intent popup when someone scrolls up on their screen.

mobile exit intent popup in action

Or when they hit the back button on their mobile browser. We found these two actions usually indicated someone was about to leave your website.

Check out this article for more on How to Create Mobile Exit-Intent Popups That Convert .

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So, let’s talk exit popup hacks.

Whether you’re looking for an idea for your first exit-intent popup or new things to tweak and test, here are some useful ideas that work tremendously well for our customers.

Exit-Intent Popup Hacks To Boost Engagement and Sales


Don’t let your popups be generic. Personalization can make all the difference, which is why it starts our list of exit popup hacks.

1. Use Your Visitor’s Name

Imagine moving into a new neighborhood. You head down to the store on the corner and end up chatting with the owner for half an hour about your shared love of breakfast burritos.

As you’re walking by a few days later, one of the street vendors yells out at you, encouraging you to buy an apple from their cart. Then, you hear your name; it’s the shop owner you met the other day, smiling at you and inviting you into their shop.

Are you going to buy an apple from an anonymous vendor or the shop owner calling to you by name and smiling at you warmly?

Yeah, we’d pick the shop owner, too.

Guess what? Your website can do the same thing.

Before asking for a sale, ask your visitor for their name.

Later, when your visitor is about to abandon one of your product pages, you could grab their attention with an exit-intent popup with their name on it.

Here’s one such exit popup example:

exit popup hacks personalization example

You can get your visitors’ names when they subscribe to your email list, ask for their name in a previous popup, or detect an existing customer’s name.

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Our conversion experts will design 1 free campaign for you to get maximum results – absolutely FREE! Click here to get started →